About us

plug&paid's comprehensive SaaS shopping cart platform can seamlessly turn any website or social media page into a shop.

It sounds simple, but moving to the opposite spectrum of software complexity when compared to traditional eCommerce solutions and outlets, 'Distributed Commerce' allows for a more targeted shopping experience on any platform of choice, be it free.

Centralised solutions which require long-winded setups are a thing of the past. With plug&paid it is now possible to convert an existing website into a shop or host a link to a cart on an external forum. No more redirecting customers to marketplaces that nickel and dime you with fees.

Our Mission

A different, much more efficient approach to eCommerce - distributed in nature, intuitive and can be easily deployed on any (existing) website. Our hosted buttons, links and widgets are call-to-action shopping carts and we have nicknamed these ‘plugs’. They can be accessed across multiple domains and platforms on the web, and take seconds to setup via a system generated HTML snippet or Link. Not more difficult than installing an affiliate banner.

  • Made in the European Union

    Plugora Ltd (VAT: 10361974R) consists of a team of highly skilled developers and business-minded people from all over the European Union who share the same vision and mindset after working more than 10 years together in building eCommerce based applications.

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  • The Founders

    George plugnpaid.com

    George Spitaliotis

    Sales & Marketing

    Emy plugnpaid.com

    Emy Carlan


    Emy plugnpaid.com

    Antonis Dimitriou


    Silviu plugnpaid.com

    Silviu Panaite

    Dev Ops

    Vlad plugnpaid.com

    Vlad Ciureanu

    Design & UX

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