About us

plug&paid's comprehensive SaaS shopping cart platform can seamlessly turn any website or social media page into a shop.

It sounds simple, but moving to the opposite spectrum of software complexity when compared to traditional eCommerce solutions and outlets, 'Distributed Commerce' allows for a more targeted shopping experience on any platform of choice, be it free.

Centralised solutions which require long-winded setups are a thing of the past. With plug&paid it is now possible to convert an existing website into a shop or host a link to a cart on an external forum. No more redirecting customers to marketplaces that nickel and dime you with fees.

Our mission

A different, much more efficient approach to eCommerce, which is distributed in nature and acts as an enabler for any (existing) website wishing to monetise itself. Our hosted buttons, links and widgets are call-to-action shopping carts - nicknamed ‘plugs’. A single plug and its corresponding shopping cart can be accessed across multiple domains and differing platforms on the web. Plugs take seconds to deploy or to share, and are not any more difficult to install on your page than, let's say, an affiliate banner.

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Made in the European Union

Plugora Ltd (VAT: 10361974R) consists of a team of highly skilled developers and business-minded people from all over the European Union who share the same vision and mindset after working more than 10 years together in building eCommerce based applications.

The Team


Emy Carlan

CEO / Co-Founder


Antonis Dimitriou

COO / Co-Founder


Silviu Panaite

Dev Ops / Co-Founder


George Spitaliotis

Bizdev / Co-Founder


Anca-Luminita Carlan



Zavin Hussein

Software Developer


Valentin Boboc

UX Consultant


Alice Teodorescu

UX Copywriting Consultant


Vlad Ciureanu

Lead Designer


Alexandru Balan

Business Development

Peter Dimitriou

General Manager

Antonis Kyriakou

Legal & Compliance

Thanos Athanasiou

Legal & GDPR

Prodromos Kyriakou

Accounting & VAT

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