Serve customers with flexible checkout flows

Our checkout is available in 21 languages, supporting over 51 currencies across the globe. 100% compliance with EU VAT, GDPR, and SCA regulations.

Optimized Cart

Select your product offering, add payment methods, choose from 9 different cart templates and add your own page header, footer and "Thank You" message with our WYSIWYG editor. Use the hosted Checkout Page independently or just paste the Cart Embed Widget in your website, to open it in the same page in a modal overlay.

Add Your Branding

Change the checkout colours to match your identity, host the checkout pages on your own domain, add SMTP to send emails from your address and upload your logo for the emails, invoices and more.

Spread your products over the internet

Track the performance of multiple sales channels separately, by creating unique checkout links or embed widgets for each channel and installing them on your website, your partners' websites, forums, social media channels or even ads. Change the offering at any time, the embed codes stay the same.

Offer multiple payment methods at checkout

Give your customers a wide range of payment methods to chose from, including bank transfers, installments, cash and more.

GDPR & PSD2 Compliance

Doing business in the EU is heavily regulated and plug&paid was built to support the GDPR and PSD2 directives out of the box. Automated confirmation emails for 3D Secure flows and SCA regulations are fully supported.

Tax Invoices

When a customer places an order, we automatically generate and send the invoice via email. The invoice supports multiple languages, automated taxes in the EU, custom taxes and shipping taxes, if applicable.

Upsells & Upgrades

Boost your sales by cross-promoting discounted products or services, or by offering a higher tier product upgrade.


Set up automated SMS rules via Twilio, configure shipping costs, enforce company policies with consent checkboxes and collect data from customers by adding Custom Fields.

Order Management

Enable Order Approval for offline payments or free orders. Change the order status when you approve or ship it to inform your customer. Set a minimum order price, redirect to another page after checkout, refund with ease, add a tracking number and more.

Location Aware

Based on the browser's language, our checkout cart is automatically shown in your visitor's preferred language. Your customer's location is automatically detected by IP and auto-selected in the country dropdown at checkout. Based on the country, only the relevant shipping methods are shown.

Inventory Management

If you sell tangible goods, our system keeps track of the stock. For digital products, we offer direct uploads in our cloud or your own Amazon AWS account. You can also upload license codes or have plug&paid automatically generate new licenses for you.


We protect your digital products by storing them in a secure private cloud and distributing them via expiring links that can be re-generated and sent to the email address used at checkout. You can set a maximum number of downloads, block downloads or set a country whitelist.

Earn back customers with our retargeting engine

Send a custom Abandonment email or SMS message if your customer starts an order without completing it. Ask your customers to leave a review to showcase in the cart. Increase your sales with many more retargeting features.

Increase conversions with reviews

Ask your customers to leave a review to showcase in the cart.

Shipping couriers

Calculated Shipping Costs

Use FedEX, DHL or UPS to get live calculated shipping rates with our direct integration with their APIs. Add your own custom shipping costs for other shipping companies.

Integrates With Your Flow

Add your Facebook Pixel, get live shipping rates by attaching your DHL, UPS or FedEx credentials, add your favourite chatbot to your checkout pages and integrate other apps with Zapier, Webhooks or by using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes, you can sell multiple products in the same checkout page, by adding your desired products when creating your plug.

Yes, you can add multiple custom billing fields, with multi-language support.

No, plug&paid does not include a storefront or shop website. We encourage you to use multiple platforms for selling by using our buttons, widgets or self-hosted checkout pages, and manage everything from a single place.

plug&paid does not support automated US Sales Tax calculations, but we are planning on adding this later in 2021.

In order to accept subscriptions, you will need a Stripe account. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free from plug&paid.

Yes, plug&paid supports teammates and you can even configure granular permissions as to what they can see and do in your account. Each teammate seat will add €5 per month to your subscription.

Yes, you can choose which fields are mandatory or optional.

Yes, you can add multiple questions at checkout, to collect data from your customers.

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