Full White-Label Solution

Earn trust by fully interacting with your customers using your own brand name and design identity. Configure a  custom domain and show all hosted checkout pages under your domain; plus an easy-to-use customer portal where your customers can see their purchase history, manage subscriptions, download files and pay invoices. 

Custom Domains

Use your own domain for the checkout pages, subscription management pages, download pages, affiliate portal and more.

Email Notifications

Use your own email address when notifying your customers throughout the lifecycle of your sales funnel. Edit the emails content with multi-language support.

Email Signature

Our system automatically adds your company's contact information and social links in the footer of all outgoing emails.

Email signature

Checkout Customiser

Use your brand colours for the checkout experience, and customize the header, footer and "thank you" message.

Branded Invoices

The invoices use a template that is clear, professional, and has your logo. You control which language the invoice is generated in.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Install the Customer Portal on your own domain, upload a custom background image and enter a greeting for the login page. The portal is translated in over 21 languages and automatically detects your customer's browser language.


In your customer's portal account, they can always check all subscriptions that they have with you and are able to update the card or cancel the subscription.

My Orders and My Files in the Customer Portal


Give your customers the choice to opt-in to have an account in your system, where they can access their invoices and download purchased files.


When you generate a custom invoice for a client, they instantly see it in their Customer Portal account and can pay it on the spot.

Smart Invoice in the Customer Portal
customer portal

CUSTOMERS CAN Download their digital files in your portal

Your customers can track their digital files in your portal, giving you peace of mind and less customer support inquiries.

Enjoy The Whitelabel Experience

Have your own custom solution for billing!

No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes, by uploading your square-sized logo under Branding Settings, your checkout pages will use it as a favicon.

Once you configure your custom domain with plug&paid all your hosted checkout pages will be under and the customer portal will be accessible under by your customers on 

plug&paid automatically generates and renews SSL certificates for your domain, so your customers can enjoy secure shopping over HTTPS

Yes you can by configuring your SMTP settings in the branding section. For a detailed how-to read more here.

You need to own a domain and have access to its name servers. There, you need to be adding a CNAME record. For a detailed how-to read more here.

Each plug&paid account supports one custom domain, however you can create “subaccounts” if you manage multiple businesses with different branding needs.  

No, at the moment uploading your own SSL is not supported, however we are planning to support it in the near future. 

No, at the moment you can only edit the content of each email in all supported  languages. For templates we use standardised, mobile response and code-optimised templates to improve inbox deliverability.