*Price does not include VAT

**The Client account will require an initial setup for configuring their (or your) branding before they can use the account. You are offering this service to them as Agency, and how you bill your clients for this service is your responsibility.

The Agency is responsible with offering support for Client accounts. There is no direct support channel between the Client account and plug&paid. The Agency can open a ticket in helpdesk.plugnpaid.com only in case of bugs that are not specific to a single Client account and affects multiple plug&paid users.

Client slots can be assigned and reused for your clients or brands.

Note: Supercharged or Lightning users can also purchase normal plug&paid sub-accounts, which are different than Agency-managed Client accounts.


  • 5/month*

    Twilio Integration

    • For all plans

    • Re-target your customers with follow-up messages over SMS

  • 50/month*

    10 Client Slots

    • Only for Agency

    • Up to 100 clients

    • Scales up to Enterprise

    • Coming in Q4, 2019

  • 5/month*

    Teammate Account

    • For Agency

    • Give granular permissions to colleagues or VAs with separate login accounts

    • Can be attached to client accounts

    • Coming in Q4, 2019