smart Invoices

Create Invoices on demand

With our invoice generator, anyone can start invoicing their customers on demand. Optimise your cash-flow by accepting payments for your invoices online with our hosted pages.

Flexibility & Convenience

Creating a new invoice is easy but powerful: add a new customer, enter some products details, select how you like to get paid and click "Generate Invoice". It's that simple!

Create Invoices Online

One-Click Payments & Instalment plans

Send the invoice link to your customer and collect payments with our hosted invoices page. Reduce the time to get paid by embedding multiple payment methods or by getting your client on an instalment plan.


Use custom invoice prefixes and numbering, add disclaimers in the custom invoice annex or change the invoice title. Add your square logo in the invoice header, configure a custom domain and show all hosted pages under your own domain. Enter your SMTP credentials and send all emails from your own address for an even more personalised experience.

Create Invoices Online

Integrated with the rest of your inventory

When creating an invoice you can choose a product from your plug&paid inventory. This allows you to deliver digital files directly from invoices on payment confirmation. It works with digital files, licenses, new orders / shipping and triggers webhooks for membership integrations.


Choose whether to apply a tax to the invoice (or not), or use pre-configured global tax settings where you can set manual or automated tax collection.

Status updates & Payment confirmations

Once a payment is submitted by the customer and confirmed (or rejected) by the payment processor, we will automatically update the status of the invoice and inform you by email.

If a recurring charge for an instalment plan fails, we will send an email to the customer, asking them to update their credit card or authorise a 3d secure transaction. We will also retry the charge up to a maximum of 3 times.

Invoicing made simple

Save time by starting today!

No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes, you can create invoices for all existing customers regardless of how they were imported in plug&paid.

Yes, you can create invoices that do not require payments. 

Yes, if you configure your custom domain then all hosted invoice pages will be shown under your own domain.

Yes, you can. Each invoice has a number of options available such as: 

  • Edit
  • Duplicate
  • Mark as paid
  • Mark as refunded
  • Mark as shipped
  • Add tracking number
  • Block downloads
  • Unblock downloads
  • Remove


Note that some options depend on the product(s) being sold. 

Yes, by uploading your logo in your Branding Settings, it will automatically be added on your invoices.

At the moment recurring payments are only supported with checkout, however it is in our future roadmap.

Yes, just add a negative price to your invoice item if you want to create a negative invoice that will cancel another invoice. 

Yes, however it depends on the payment used to make the payment. Currently refunds are supported for Stripe gateways (credit cards, iDeal etc), Instamojo and Razorpay.