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Mailing Lists

Create and manage unlimited Mailing Lists, import contacts in CSV format and add them to your lists. Re-assign contacts and customers to different lists, either manually or through automation rules.

Mailing Lists

Segment your customers with Mailing Lists, import or export subscribers via embeded forms or CSV files, send or schedule ad-hoc emails based on predefined templates.

Upsells, Bumps & Upgrades

Boost your sales by cross-promoting discounted products or services, or by offering a higher tier product upgrade. Setup your offer to appear as an upsell on a separate step during checkout or as a bump offer in the order overview page right before payment.

DYNAMIC Discounts

Create complex discounts that can cover any business need. Add rules according to product, checkout channel, customer country, order subtotal and even gateway used at checkout. You can pause/unpause discounts on demand and configure an expiry time. Setup discounts that are redeemable with coupons or vouchers during checkout.

SMS Notifications

Send automated SMS messages to your customers by attaching your Twilio account. Configure SMS triggers on a wide variety of actions such as on every new sale or when marking an order as shipped. Inform your customers immediately about important updates about their orders.

Increase conversions with reviews

Ask your customers to leave a review to showcase in the cart.

Penetrate New Markets

Expand your business internationally with checkout pages, emails and invoices translated in over 21 languages and pricing supported in over 51 currencies. Enable Automated EU Taxes for selling in Europe or add your own custom tax.

Your favourite tool is one click away

Add your Facebook Pixel, get live shipping rates by attaching your DHL, UPS or FedEx credentials, add your favourite chatbot to your checkout pages and integrate other apps with Zapier, Webhooks or by using our API.

Zapier events, Webhooks and API

Need to integrate with other platforms or tools?

plug&paid plays nicely with Zapier and also offers an API and Webhooks system.

Email Automation

Configure unlimited automations for messaging your prospects and customers with email drip campaigns, based on the different events triggered by their interaction with your business.


Email Templates

Store credits

Reward repeat customers by offering them store credits that can be used on their future purchases. Setup store credits that are applicable on specific products, shipping costs and subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions​

You can add unlimited rules and we’ve given generous quotas on all plans for the number of successfully triggered actions. Check your quota under Settings / Plans & Quotas / Quotas. Your own SMTP gateway will be required in order to send out marketing emails.

Yes, you can change the FROM name from its default (your company name) to any name you like, for each of the email rules that you set up.

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