Flexible Billing Plans
for SMEs & Solopreneurs

Whether you offer digital services, memberships, offline services or physical product subscriptions, plug&paid is equipped with the right billing tools to manage recurring payments.

* Stripe account required


Run monthly, yearly, weekly or daily subscriptions for Exclusive Content, Mastermind Access, Recurring Services, Restocked Products every month (Subscription Box), and more.

Offer Trials

Add trials to your Billing Plans and your customer's credit card won't be charged until the trial ends. Extend the trial manually if needed.

One-Time Fees

Charge a setup fee at the beginning of the subscription plan. It will be included in the same invoice with the subscription charge.

pause payment collection

If for any reason you want to pause payment collection for a subscription, you can do so on demand. Configure the way you want us to treat upcoming invoices and choose a date when to restart payment collection.

Switch Plans

Switch your customer to a different billing plan at any time, with just a few clicks. They will receive an email asking to confirm the plan switching.

3d secure payment


If a recurring charge fails, we will send an email to the customer, asking to update the credit card, and will retry the next day. The third retry happens after a week and the subscription is automatically canceled if all retries fail.

automated proration calculations

We will automatically adjust your customer's bill amount to reflect any plan changes made in the middle of a billing cycle.

3D Secure approval page

Customer Subscription Management

Your customers can manage their subscription on the go without the need to login into complicated billing systems. In a single page they can update their credit cards, cancel their subscription, authorise 3D secure transactions and approve billing plan switching with just a few clicks.

Bundle Subscriptions

Sell multiple subscriptions in the same checkout flow. Use upsells to cross-promote other subscriptions or products, or use discounted upgrades to promote a higher tier plan.

VISA & SCA Compliance

Automated Confirmation Emails for 3D Secure flows and SCA regulations are fully supported. We are also complaint with all the recent VISA regulations regarding credit cards, trials and subscriptions.


Increase your conversion rates by offering one-time, limited time period or lifetime subscription discounts. Configure your subscription discounts to apply on all orders or redeemable via coupons and vouchers.

Wishlist Member


Create your own membership site with Wishlist Member and use the plug&paid integration for billing, or integrate other membership apps via Zapier or Webhooks.

White-label Solution

Add your own custom domain to host the checkout pages, customer portal, subscription management page and more. Add your SMTP credentials to send the automated emails from your own email address.



Offer full or partial refunds for subscription payments with just a few clicks. We send your customer a refund email and execute the refund request with the credit card provider on the spot. Your customer will receive the funds back in their credit card account within 5-10 business days.

Webhooks & API

Trigger new account creation on new subscription events, list all sales via API and more. The sky is the limit.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Your customers can subscribe using their credit card. In order to accept subscriptions, you will need a Stripe account. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free from plug&paid.

No, we don’t support PayPal subscriptions. You need a Stripe account.

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