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Monthly fees


Great for high volume, low value purchases
2.5% Per transaction
  • + Fixed fee $0.02 per transaction


Most Popular, fixed fee per transaction
0.0% Per transaction
  • + Fixed fee as low as €0.10 per transaction

Percentage transaction fee



Fixed transaction fee


Dynamic Fixed Fee

Automation Tasks included



Automation Tasks extra

€0.01 / task

€0.01 / task

Transaction Fee Cost



Up to 99 transactions



100 – 499



500 – 999







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Sarah C.
Sarah C.
I always hoped someone would build this
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Brilliant piece of software, you can create discounts, coupons and invoices. I love that you can share a link on social media and have someone buy your offer directly without having to build landing pages or websites.
Phillip C.
Phillip C.
Plug&paid helped me turn my WordPress site into a storefront in very easy-to-follow steps.
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The software has enabled me customize my website into a storefront. This has rendered the former middlemen redundant. My customers can now directly order for products from my website. This improves their online shopping experience on top of increasing my margins as a vendor.
 André Nünninghoff
André NünninghoffThat is what I call great service! Go forward !
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Great and lightning fast support (over the holidays too) all problems solved and bugs are rapidly fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions​

If you are hesitating, do not worry – we are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!

There is no difference in features between the two plans, they only differ in how the transaction fee is calculated.

Each account has included:

  • unlimited products;
  • unlimited shopping carts;
  • unlimited websites;
  • a single brand setup (billing information, logo, etc.);
  • 1 GB of storage space included for digital products, unlimited storage at €1.0 per GB per month overage;
  • 1 GB of monthly data transfer (used when your customers download your digital products), unlimited transfer at €1.0 per GB per month overage;
  • or you can attach your own Amazon Web Services account, to store the files in your own Amazon S3 bucket.

Yes, you can create as many plug&paid accounts as you want, and you switch accounts from your main login, without having to log out. Each account requires its own plug&paid subscription.

Note that you do not need multiple accounts if all of them operate under the same legal entity. You can create unlimited checkout pages for your different brands or ventures, as long as they all appear as the same business on the invoices and in the emails.

No, plug&paid does not include a storefront or shop website. We encourage you to use multiple platforms for selling by using our buttons, widgets or self-hosted checkout pages, and manage everything from a single place.

In order to accept subscriptions, you will need a Stripe account. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free from plug&paid.

Yes, you add your Google SMTP credentials (or any SMTP credentials) in plug&paid, to have all emails sent from your own email address.

Yes, plug&paid supports teammates and you can even configure granular permissions as to what they can see and do in your account. Each teammate seat will add €5 per month to your subscription.

First, you need to have your own Twilio account, and attach it to plug&paid. Once set up, you can add unlimited SMS rules to notify your customers that their order was shipped, or their subscription failed to renew, or offer a voucher and more. Using the Twilio addon will add €5 per month to your subscription.